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The original Poster used for the U.S. Theatrical Release

The original poster used for International Distribution

  1972 William Hillman
1981 SpectroMedia & William Byron Hillman
2005 SpectroMedia & William Byron Hillman


The Man From Clover Grove was originally produced in 1972.


The world premiere was held in Houston Texas at the Tercar Theatre


The film was then theatrically released in the United States and throughout the world in 1975.


The original U.S. distributor was American Cinema.


Cinema Releasing originally handled International distribution.


In 1981 the film had its first home video released by Media Home Entertainment. The G rated film soon became their most successful family film of all time.


Ownership changed hands several times over the years.


A handful of companies claimed ownership but none ever acquired the copyright. The film was sold to several companies who either went out of business or filed bankruptcy. SpectroMedia reacquired the rights and distribution to the film from bankruptcy court. All cut-off dates on distribution had expired, and the film was taken off the market like many Disney films have done over the years. Any subsequent release or sales made on the film were done illegally and against copyright law and/or infringement thereof.


Destiny Worldwide Entertainment, Inc. presently owns the copyright and all right thereof, including music score and print media.


A full description of the film is on the following pages and we intend to constantly improve these pages as new elements are found. We hope you enjoy your visit.


The Man From Clover Grove will soon be joining other G rated films produced and released by Destiny Worldwide Entertainment in multi-film packages.

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